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  • MobiCom Wins Mongolia's First "Best Employer of Mongolia" Award, Praised for Maintaining Employee Friendly Work Environment

MobiCom Wins Mongolia's First "Best Employer of Mongolia" Award, Praised for Maintaining Employee Friendly Work Environment


A consolidated subsidiary of KDDI, telecommunications carrier MobiCom Corporation LLC (head office: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Chairman & CEO: Tatsuya Hamada, hereinafter "MobiCom") has been awarded "Best Employer of Mongolia", which the Mongolia Ministry of Social Welfare and Labour [1] uses to recognize corporations that take efforts to maintain employee friendly work environments.

"Best Employer of Mongolia" selects the private enterprise that takes the greatest efforts to maintain an employee friendly work environment in Mongolia, this being their very first selection.

MobiCom was highly praised for their employees' stable employment and health care, their initiative to reduce occupational accidents, and their substantial in-house training system to promote career development.

In response to receiving this award, Chairman & CEO Tatsuya Hamada has made the following statement.
"We are extremely honored to receive such a prestigious award. MobiCom always complies with labor laws, regulations, and guidelines, and places importance on our employees' health and safety ahead of all else. Furthermore, in order to progress things even further, we are preparing to acquire OHSAS18001, an international standard regarding industrial safety and health. We are also creating many training environments, giving high priority to our employees' growth and career development. We will continue to put efforts into maintaining an employee friendly work environment in the future."

About MobiCom

MobiCom is No. 1 in shares of mobile subscribers in Mongolia [2], and is a general telecommunications carrier providing a wide variety of services in mobile/fixed communications, satellite communications, and the ICT field.
KDDI has been investing in MobiCom since its establishment in 1995, and together with shareholder and managing partner SUMITOMO CORPORATION, has contributed to the development of MobiCom operations and telecommunications in Mongolia.

MobiCom Corporation LLC

[1] An agency whose main focus is employment, labor, and social welfare, equivalent to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
[2] As of the end of June 2016.

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