Business Center

Ready-to-Go Shared Office Space Without Setup Initial Costs

I want to minimize facility investments and shorten delivery time.

I am looking for a temporary office space until my office is ready.

I am looking for an office with high-speed internet.

Highest Quality Internet in Yangon

Stress free office environment with high volume and redundant internet by utilizing KDDI capability as a global IT provider.

Dedicated Generator for Business Center

Our business center is equipped with a dedicated generator to ensure a stable power supply in the event of a power outage. With a guranteed power supply, clients can work on delivering their business objectives with peace of mind.

24/7/365 Support

Customers can use the office space anytime 24/7 even in cases of emergency and/or busy periods. The KDDI Myanmar office is located in the same building, therefore KDDI engineers can provide rapid onsite IT support if needed.

KDDI Myanmar Weekly Speed Test (8.2.2016 - 12.2.2016)


1.Office Space

  • office suitable for 2-3 people to up to a maximum of 8 people (25 offices)
  • offices equipped with desks, chairs, cabinets, air-conditioning, internet and a phone
  • three meeting rooms, each equipped with a projector and whiteboard (one room has a video conferencing system)
  • printers, scanners, fax machines, paper shredders, and security lockers are located in the common area

2.Office Open Hours

24 hours a day, 365 days a year (the security system is at the office entrance)


9:00 - 18:00 (including Saturdays and Sundays)

Standard Services (included in monthly charges)

  • desks, chairs, cabinets 
  • Internet with backup connection (optical fibre internet)
  • phone line (communication fees are not included)
  • power, water and AC (charged on a pay-as-you-use basis)
  • 1 air-conditioning unit per room
  • IT support ticket for 2 hours (PC initial setup etc.)
  • cleaning in common area  

Additional Services

1. IT Support Ticket
onsite support by KDDI engineers who work in the same building
2. Photocopiers, Scanners and Fax Machines
black and white / color (maximum size A3)
3. Security Lockers
suitable for filing documents
4. Meeting Rooms
3 meeting rooms and a video conferencing system are available5. Cleaning and Tea Serving Service
6. Secretary, Administrative Worker, and Translation Service
7. Business Trip Arrangement (car, hotel and PC rental etc.)
8. Company Establishment Support (registration, opening bank account, and acquiring visa etc.)

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If you have questions about prices and product details, please contact us at:


Operation Hours: 8:30~17:30(Myanmar Time)
(except Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)

Contact Us


Operation Hours: 8:30~17:30(Myanmar Time)
(except Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)

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