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Network KDDI Global IP-VPN

Scalable intranet to meet global network demands

Reach the entire world by connecting to the KDDI global IP-VPN network.


  • One-stop global reach

KDDI facilitates efficient international connections through the performance of integrated End-to-End management and provision of seamless IP network services (including IP-SEC connections and International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC)) at over 150 global locations. We can manage your network for you 24/7, with contact and troubleshooting support available in both English and Japanese.

  • MPLS network provides high levels of security and reliability

MPLS differs from past IP packet transfers in that the address is recognized from the label itself. This allows for high speed switching, and, therefore, a better quality service. In addition, as label information is separated within the network, it is unique for each user packet within the same public network. As the content of your communications are in no danger of being leaked to other users, you can use this service without any security concerns. For further peace of mind, it is possible to request an SLA [1].

  • Advantageous pricing, high extensibility and flexibility

Our pricing is optimized for mesh-type networks, which can greatly reduce your communications costs. In addition, the high level of extensibility and flexibility makes it easy to expand or change your network when you need to add locations or accelerate circuits. In other words, you can build a flexible global network that matches your real-time business development.

  • Redundancy

The KDDI Global Network employs redundant transmission cables (cable restoration) as well as multiple cable routes, therefore, through route diversity, we have implemented a robust backup system.

  • Remote Access

KDDI Global IP-VPN has secure dial-up access from 52 countries worldwide. We also have convenient software and tools to facilitate the use of this dial-up access.

What's KDDI Global IP-VPN?

Our full-scale End-to-End international IP-VPN service allows customers with overseas subsidiaries to easily build full-mesh global networks by simply accessing the Global IP-VPN network.

The KDDI Global IP-VPN is a secure and high-quality IP network service utilizing advanced MPLS [2] technology that is highly expandable and flexible - therefore, you can safely rely on us to build you a fast global network.

*[1] SLA: Service Level Agreement
*[2] MPLS: Multi Protocol Label Switching


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