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Cloud App Microsoft 365

Office 365 provides a convenient and secure way for you to share your emails, schedules, and files with your colleagues.

Use it anywhere and anytime you need, from any of your devices

  • The latest features are always available!

Downloading from the cloud allows you to use the latest versions of Office applications all the time.

  • Access your files from anywhere!

Large-capacity cloud storage enables you to access your files even when outside the office. You can also do tasks from a tablet.

  • Active communication!

Achieve information sharing, operational efficiency, and productivity improvements through the use of email, chat, online meetings, phone calls, file sharing, and more.

What is Microsoft 365?

Many customer companies around the world have migrated their business platforms to cloud services. This cloud service for Microsoft Office applications, which hold overwhelming market shares, enables you to do tasks through multiple devices such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones both online and offline environment.
In addition to Office applications, KDDI can offer security features as well.

Support for more efficient telework and your other DX projects


Single Sign-On

Attendance management

Business Application

  • Using digital tools to enhance communication in the new normal

For work-style reform during the global COVID-19 pandemic

Telework has increased rapidly due to COVID-19 and is now drawing attention not just as a step to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but as a new style of work. Meanwhile, telework presents problems and concerns associated with workers not going to the office.
Here are concrete solutions to address such concerns.

  • Generate synergy through global IT governance

We offer standardized, secure systems
that can flexibly respond to market changes

As the economy becomes ever more globalized, companies need to build out IT infrastructure and install software at all of their locations worldwide, which makes it harder to share information swiftly and securely.
Global IT governance at your company headquarters will enable you to build effective IT systems that can generate synergy.

What is the best solution for your problem?
Please consult a KDDI consultant.